Product Name : 20X18 mm Diamond Jewellery Loupe-2018-3
Product Description


The jeweler's loupe, also known as an eye loupe, is a magnification tool that cuts out peripheral vision and allows for close observation, increasing wonder and ...Get Loupe Magnifiers    - Best Prices and Quality  . Awesome Magnification & The Number One Magnifying Glass Store …loupe magnifier glasses

Product Introduction

20X18 mm Diamond Jewellery Loupe


Magnification:       20x Power
Lens Diameter:     18 mm
Dimension:           3.1 cm - 5.7 cm when folded out
Height:                 1.5 cm
Material:               Metal

  • loupe magnifier for diamonds Beautiful Diamond shaped metal construction, Aluminium lens housing with solid metal
  • loupe magnifying glassTop quality 20x 18mm Glass Optic Lens
  • jewellers eye loupe magnifying glass Aplanatic - Corrected for spherical aberrations, for larger field of view from side to side
  • jeweler's loupe magnifying glass Achromatic - Corrected for colour distortions, for true colour viewing
  • loupe magnifier with aspheric lens Double Lens - superior magnification
  • Powerful precision glass lens brings fine micro-detail into view
  • Made with the finest quality optics and with top quality metal cases
  • Comes a stylish gift box and leather storage case
  • Excellent for professional jewellers, hobbists, for repairing watches, observing collectibles, photographs and more

Made in Taiwan


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