Advantages of Fresnel lens


1. Fresnel lens controllableangle of light output is strong

Fresnel lens can control direction of light more accurate than traditional LED lens. Traditional LED lens is hard to control angle of light because its design and processing error. However Fresnel lens can do this to meet the needs of different customers for different purposes.


2. Fresnel lens can effectively improve brightness of product luminousproimages/Fresnel-lens7.jpg

Because Fresnel lens has strong light control, product thin is less than 2mm and photoresist is smaller than normal LED lens that’s why Fresnel lens can improve brightness of luminous.


3. Fresnel lens cut cost of lighting

Compare to traditional lens, Fresnel lens can maximize LED luminous area with short focal length. Therefore, the design of product is thin and light greatly saving the cost of lighting and weight.



4. Fresnel lens can be matched with a variety of LED brands

Because LED lens is high precision optical parts, design or processing even small 

mistakes will ruin the effect of product. Each factory traditional LED lens design is different including specifications, size and lighting angle. Fresnel lens principle is simple and size can be free cutting. Only need to know the distance between lens and LED. In this manner Fresnel lens can adapt to most of LED product.


5. Fresnel lens has large LED lens

Because of Fresnel lens construction Fresnel lens can produce large size of LED lens. In order to meet high-power LED light, especially in streetlight, automobile headlight and traffic sign light. Fresnel lens has bigger advantage than other lens.


What is Fresnel lens?


Fresnel lens developed by French physicist Augustin-Jean Fresnel. Fresnel lens is originally used for lighthouse. This  design can build a larger aperture lens; Fresnel lens’s features areshort focal length, fewer amounts of material, weight and volume smaller than normal lens. Compare to early lens, Fresnel lens is thinner. That’s why Fresnel lens can transfer more lighting; even the distance is very far away you still can see the light of lighthouse. The theory is very simple. If a lens refractive energy occurs only on optical (lens) surface, remove more optical material as possible and keep the curvature of the surface. Another comprehension is the lens successive surface portion "collapses" onto a plane. Look from the profile, the surface consists of a series of serrated grooves and the central part is elliptical arcs. Each groove is different from the angle between adjacent grooves but it focuses the light on one spot. Forming the focus of the center, that is, the focus of the lens. Each groove can be seen as a separate smalllens, the light is adjusted to parallel light or condensing light. Fresnel lens also can eliminate part of the spherical aberration.


Application of Fresnel lens

Fresnel lens be used for Stage Light


Fresnel lens collimation and can be free cutting becomes the best material for stage light.


Fresnel lens be used for LED Wash Wall Light


LED wash wall light as the city of landscape light, when the development of urban modernization needs more and the effective control of the light needs higher. Normal LED lens has been unable to meet the needs of the industry. Fresnel lens can better control the output angle of light also can enhance the utilization rate of LED light. Using the same power to make the city brighter


Fresnel lens be used for Traffic Sign Light


Due to the popularity of high-power LED, people use single or a few LED light as light source. Fresnel lens with astigmatism mirror replaces to use a large amount of LED light source as traffic sign light. Fresnel lens has become the industry trend of development. Now, Fresnel lens has been invested in many countries around the world to use. Requires a small number of LED light, with simple structure, and can reduce the cost of the product. Fresnel lens condenser makes the traffic sign light has strong penetration to become more suitable to use for fog or other bad weather. Fresnel lens can enhance the utilization rate of LEDlight so that the traffic sign light has a higher luminous efficiency and viewing angle.


Fresnel lens be used for Automobile Headlight


For now, LED has been widely used in automotive lights. Car is the main transportation of human so security is the most important issue. The quality of the automobile headlight is one of important factors to evaluate car safety. Fresnel lens used in automotive lights can effectively control the angle of light, and improve the penetration of light in bad weather. As a result Fresnel lens can increase the car's safety index.


Fresnel lens be used for Streetlight


Before people use LED light, the streetlights are sodium lamps, hernia lights and other high-power lamps. People didn’t use LED light to the streetlights because of the higher temperature and Fresnel lens processing material defects. Now, streetlights are generally updated for LED lights. Due to the high luminous efficiency of LED, making the Fresnel lens applied to streetlight possible. Fresnel lens has well control of light, which makes the Fresnel lens become popular as streetlight lens.



Fresnel lens be used for Spotlight


Spotlights mainly are used at shopping malls, home and other places for the highlight of the lighting items. Therefore the spotlights of the light requirements are relatively high, the advantages of Fresnel lens can be better to interpret the design of the spotlight.