Product Name : Headband Binocular Magnifier Headband magnifying glass-ET-38A
Product Description

Headband binoculars magnifier
Headband binoculars loupe
Headband binocular



Magnification:       +1.8 x , +2.3x. +2.7x, +3.5x POWER 
Lens size:             4"

Material:              Acrylic 

  • Headband binoculars magnifier Can be used for variety of application jewellery making, watch making, crafting, knitting, needle point, crochet, cross stitch, any detail works.
  • Headband binoculars loupe  Easy to Replace Lens plate, without screws.
  • Headband binocular Distraction free work, leave both hands to work
  • also use for Coin collector, stamp Collector, Biologist, etc 
  • With 4 different power lens : +1.8 x , +2.3x. +2.7x, +3.5x
  • Flip up, hard cover, shatter proof, lightweight
  • Adjustable headband
  • OEM/ODM , wholesale

Product Introduction
Item number #ET38A
MOQ 5000 pieces
Size 8 x 2 x 11.6 inches
Colors Black, Grey

Carton packing or according to your need. Custom Printed Packaging

Terms of payment Paypal, TT, Western union, L/C, D/P

 Binocular Headband. Magnifier headband fitted with four ground glass lenses in a binocular arrangement having a magnification power of 1.8x, 2.3x, 2.7x 3.5x

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