Product Name : Plastic Bifocal Magnifier Handheld Magnifying Glass-6030a
Product Description

Handheld 3 inch reading magnifiying glass features a round lens and a ergonomic handle that conforms to the hand for a more comfortable fit. Magnifier offers a 3X magnification and high-power bifocal inset for detailed inspection. Clear Lens Frame, distraction free sight. Shatter free, scratch proof. Distortion free lens. Durable, lightweight. Print custom logo, logo can be printed on handle. OEM/ODM, wholesale. Made in Taiwan.

These classic hand-held magnifiers is plastic frames, acrylic lens and comfortable tapered plastic handles. This acrylic magnifying glass good for elder or low vision aids Choose from this range for all general-purpose use. acrylic lens mounted on a plastic frame with plastic handle. Magnifiers are used by toolmakers, jewelers, instrument assembler, laboratory technicians, engineers, mechanics and inspectors who need sharp clear magnification without eye strain.