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Model number: 1028

20X High-Power Hand's-Free Tripod Jeweler's Loupe 



Magnification : 20x Power
Lens Diameter : 24 mm
Height : 1.25" or 3 cm
Material : Metal

  • Professional quality jeweler's tool - improved with tripod stand
  • 24mm optical-quality polished glass lens enlarges object to 1000% original size without distortion
  • Hands free - 1-1/4"-high tripod puts loupe at perfect focal range 
  • Stunning mirror chrome finish on solid brass
  • Small handles to adjust focus
  • Excellent for professional jewellers, hobbists, for repairing watches, observing collectibles, photographs and more

Made in China

Advantages of 20X Jeweler Loupe Magnifying Glass

20 times super high power magnification:

Ultra-high magnification with high-quality non-deformable lens for clearer viewing

Hands free :
1-1/4"-high tripod puts loupe at perfect focal


Magnifying glass is very suitable for rock collectors, coin collectors, jewelers, amateurs, education, geography, home life, and is a great gift for children to explore the wonderful little world.

High quality:

Jewelry magnifying glass with durable metal structure and metal folding cover protects the lens from breakage and scratches, compact and lightweight, with a sturdy protective case, plastic travel soft pouch, keeping the magnifying glass and lens safe and clean. 

Magnifiers, whether pocket, handheld, loupe or hands free all follow some basic rules of optics. When ordering, keep these rules in mind. As magnification goes ...

In a field driven by precision, magnification is an imperative component of  loupe magnifier glasses . loupe magnifier with aspheric lens make it possible for a dentist or hygienist to be able to .