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Model number: 1863C


Small, postcard-sized fresnel lens magnifier; Flat, flexible with surround frame; Hold a few inches to enlarge small print, photo.  paper sleeve card magnifying sheet as bookmark magnifier, folding magnifying glass, flat page reading magnifier.


Paper card magnifying sheet can easy imprint client special advertising with offset printing
Paper card magnifying sheet is suitable as mailing gift as it is lightweight and paper thin.
Paper card magnifying sheet can make the shape exact per client requirement.

  • Bookmark magnifier
  • Sytlish bookmark magnifier
  • Magnifying ruler
  • Bookmark magnifying sheet
  • Bookmark magnifier ruler
  • Fresnel bookmark magnifier
  • Flexithin bookmark magnifier
Item number #1863C
MOQ 1,000pcs
Size 186mmx63mm
Colors Adjustable

each piece packed in an OPP bag ; 120 pieces per inner box ;
1,440 pieces per master carton ;
Measurement: 1.6

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