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Model number: 200LB

Page Fresnel Lens Magnifying Sheet


E-tay Page Fresnel Lens Magnifier Sheet with Printed Frame is made of PVC Fresnel lens that allows the magnification of glass molded into a peper thin plactic sheet. So lightweight, this sheet gives you no holding fatigue, making it easy to travel with, just slip in a magazine or book without adding extra thickness. Also suitable for promotional.



Magnification:      3x Power
Size:                    10.6" x 8.3" or 21 x 27.3 cm
Material:              PVC
Type:                   Fresnell Lens

  • Page size viewing area, reading with ease, no need to move along the page.
  • Paper-thin, Lightweight, No handling fatigue.
  • Very handy - Use for reading small print of newspapers, magazines, books, etc.
  • Portable - Easily slip into magazine or book, convenient for travel.
  • Mitigates effects of diminished close vision.
  • Size and other designs can be modified to fit your needs, Print logo on the frame. 

Made in Taiwan



Full page magnifying sheet is slim and light weight magnifier . The page magnifier can read the full page text and no need to move it.  The A4 size magnifier have 3X magnification power also can be as bookmark magnifier .