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Model number: 202F-1


Page magnifier ideal for reading small print, maps, etc.  3x magnification, customers logo printing acceptable. full page magnifier for reading books, magazines.
Fresnel page magnifiers. Full page magnifier for reading books, magazines, and newspapers


Deluxe Framed Page Magnifier

  • size: 305mm x 194mm
  • page magnifier  Viewing area measure: 223mm x 160mm
  • Full page magnifier fresnel lens  Magnification: 3X
  • Origin: Taiwan
  • Full page reading book magnifying glass  Customers ' logos imprinted on the vinyl frame
  • Fresnel page magnifiers Ideal for reading small print, maps,

Full page magnifier helps reduce eyestrain and makes it easier to read small print.


Full page page magnifier with Very clear magnification of most of a page. made by PVC sheet or reading magnifying sheet.