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Model number: 206

The wide angle window fresnel lens can increase the blind invisible spot but not only for the rearview window of pick up and truck.  The flexiable fresnel PVC negative sheet can eliminates blind spots and enbables peoying ople to see under and beyond the rear window help avoid accidents due to the low object in blind spot behind the vhicle while packing or backing up.


Wide Angle Rear Window Fresnel Lens increase visibility especially but not only for the rearview window of cars and truck. The flexible fresnel PVC sheet eliminates blind spots and enables people to see under and beyond the rear window, help avoid accidents due to the children, pets and other low-lying objects in blind spot behind your vehicle while backing up. The lens is flexible and easy to attach with water without any glue, and can be removed without damaging the window.


Magnification : Wide Angle
Size : 7" x 10.2"  or 18 x 26 cm
Thinkness : 1 mm
Material : soft clear PVC, flexible
Type : Fresnell Lens
Groove pitch : 0.5mm
Negative Focal Length : -300mm
View Angle : upward : 13º side:25º down:27º

  • Dramatically increase visibility, thus more safety, avoid accidents, eliminate blindspot
  • No Adhesive, no tool needed, just use water to attach on glass
  • Easy application, Easy removal, No damage to glass,
  • Application: Back window of auto, RV, vans, coach, bus, camper, wagon, SUV, side window of truck.
    Apply to house window to watch your pet or kids.