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Model number: 208

Multi image magnifying sheet  made by PVC slim thin material . Multi vision magnifier with magnifier effect as fully kaleidoscope lens with magnifier sheet.  It is compact lens with kaleidoscope function also magnifying sheet .
Multi-Image Fresnel Lens


E-tay Multi-Image Fresnel Lens is an A4 magnifier sheet with 25 frames small magnifier and 1 large magnifier. It's most suitable for decorative purposes - fish tanks, display windows, background, mirrors, art/ photographic effect.


Magnification:      3x Power
Size:                   6.8" x 9.5 cm or 17.5 x 24.5 cm ( Large magnifier 7.5 x 17.5 cm + 25  Multi-Image Lens)
Material:              Acrylic
Type:                   Fresnell Lens

  • multi-image magnifying sheet Interesting frosty effect
  • multi vision page magnifier Decorative purposes
  • Multi purposes for reading and fun
  • page Size magnifying sheet and other designs can be modified to fit your needs.

Made in Taiwan