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Model number: 621

E-Tay compact size acrylic dome magnifier 50mm dia with 4x magnification is very easy to use just put the acrylic dome magnifier directly on the object to be magnified and the acrylic dome magnifier will provides the enlargement.

Acrylic dome magnifier is a domed block loupe that gathers light. The interior of the magnifying glass is bright and large like a light illuminated, and it is reflected vividly. Because the beautiful curved form is designed and designed so that the loupe himself gathers light, simply putting small letters and photographs brightly and brightly and sharply shows up.


Dome magnifier is a beautiful design, you can use it as a paper weight by placing it on the desk. There is no surrounding frame and it is made into a very bright lens. It is simple and functional design loupe. Dome magnifier can engrave or imprint the custom logo as a promotional gifts or advertising material.