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Model number: AA200B

Rigid Acrylic Page Magnifier with cover suitable for trave.  Full page magnifier is unbreak and scratch-free magnifier .This strong and unbreakable acrylic full page magnifying sheet is optical grade magnifying glass with A4 size full page lens, full page reading magnifier provides optimum image quality and Fresnel technology that allows magnifying lens to be much thinner, making it lightweight, easy to hold and maneuver.



Full page size magnifying sheet Specification:

Magnification:      3x Power
Size:                   Page size (10.9" x 8.3" or 27.7 x 21.2 cm)
Material:              Acrylic
Type:                   Fresnel Lens

  • Page size magnfier is viewing area, reading with ease.
  • full page magnifier Very handy - fit into bag, Use for reading small print of newspapers, magazines, books, menu, map while traveling, etc.
  • A4 size magnifying sheet is Sturdy and portable.
  • rigid page magnifying glass is Colored cover, customized design
  • Mitigates effects of diminished close vision.
  • Scratch-resistant, Shatter-proof.
  • Rigid, unbreakable acrylic.
  • Size and other designs can be modified to fit your needs. Suitable for Promotion.
  • OEM/ODM, Wholesale, Small Order,
  • Competitive Price, High Quality Control, prompt delivery.

Made in Taiwan