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Model number: MD2201

Full Page Fresnel Lens Magnifier Sheet with Metric Ruler Scale

ultra thin A4 size 3x magnifying sheet Fresnel lens 
3x page magnifying sheet for reading


Full Page Fresnel Lens Magnifier Sheet with Metric Scales is made of clear PVC Fresnel lens that lets you read an entire page of print with considerable ease. Designed with metric scale printed so that the product can be a magnifying sheet and a ruler at the same time. The clear magnifier has little distortion and reduces eye strain; the lightweight PVC gives you no holding fatigue, making it easy to travel with, just slip in a magazine or book without adding extra thickness.
magnifying sheet for reading small font 3x magnifying


Magnification : 3x Power
Size : 9-7/16" x 6-11/16" or 240mm x 170mm
Viewing size : 8-11/16" x 6 1/16" or 220mm x 155 mm
Material : 0.4mm PVC
Type : Fresnel Lens

  • Ultra thin A4 magnifying sheet  Page size viewing area, reading with ease.
  • magnifying sheet Very Clear, flexible, low light reflection.
  • Helix A4 magnifying sheet  Very handy - Use for reading small print of newspapers, magazines, books, etc.
  • Portable - Easily slip into magazine or book, convenient for travel.
  • Mitigates effects of diminished close vision.
  • Paper-thin, Lightweight, No handling fatigue.
  • Size and other designs can be modified to fit your needs, Print logo on the frame. 

Made in Taiwan


Useful Ultra Thin PVC Magnifying Sheet Lens for Reading Newspapers And Magazines

This sheet lens was developed with the assumption of reading newspapers in response to the customer's request for a larger size. It's bigger than a pocket lens, so it's useful when reading newspapers and magazines. It has a handle for ease of use and convenience. The magnification is about 3 times, and the material is PVC (polyvinyl chloride)
ultra thin A4 size magnifying sheet for reading
Item number #MD2201
MOQ 1000 pieces
Size 240mm x 170mm
Colors Customized

each piece packed in a poly bag 

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