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Model number: IFL-208

PIR Lens/PIR Fresnel Lens/PIR Sensor Lens/HDPE Material Lens/Infrared Lens


The PIR sensor Fresnel lens function has two:

        PIR HDPE sensor lens have the focusing action, soon hotly releases the infrared signal refraction (reflection) on PIR

       the second function is divides into the search coverage in certain area pellucidae and the dark area, causes to enter the search coverage the motion object to be able to produce by the temperature change form on PIR changes releases the infrared signal hotly.


Our PIR fresnel lens are divide to 5 series base on their shape and size, below Dia.30mm round shape series ( total 29 types), above Dia 30mm round shape series ( total 15 types), Square shape series (total 44 types), flat round shape series (total 8 types), and special shape lens series ( total 8 types).

 Pics of some other types:

PIR Lens/PIR Fresnel Lens/PIR Sensor Lens/HDPE Material Lens

  PIR fresnel lenses are lens arrays used for PIR detection like intruder alarms or lighting applications. All lenses are made from infrared transmissive HDPE plastic for use in the 7..14 microns PIR wavelength band and are
approx. 0.5 mm to 0.8 mm thick, depending on the model.
Color: natural standard; white or grey on request.