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Model number: LM01

10X Acrylic Standing Loupe


Magnification : 10x Power 
Lens diameter : 1" or 2.5 cm
Height : 4.6 cm
Material : Double Prefocused lens

  • loupe magnifier glasses Hands free
  • loupe magnifier with aspheric lens Acrylic clear base allow the light to illuminate observed object
  • loupe magnifying glass 10x Ideal for hobbies, observing insects, coins, leaves, watches, etc
  • jeweler's loupe magnifying glass Distortion free, clear magnification

Made in Taiwan


Magnifiers, whether pocket, handheld, loupe or hands free all follow some basic rules of optics. When ordering, keep these rules in mind. As magnification goes ...
In a field driven by precision, magnification is an imperative component of dental treatment. Dental loupes make it possible for a dentist or hygienist to be ab