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Model number: LM03


Lighted magnifying glass for crafts, large magnifying glass with light, illuminated magnifying glass , lighted magnifier.

 This small, yet handy High Power Magnifier is light weight as well as very functional. The powerful Lighted Magnifying Glass with plastic.
Illuminated Magnifying Glass 80mm

Magnification:       4X POWER
Lens diameter:      3.1" or 80 mm

Length:                7.2" or 170 mm
Material:              Acrylic lens with plastic handle
Type:                   biConvex

  • Lighted magnifier Reduce eyestrain with 2 LED light embedded.
  • Hand held magnifying glass   Lay on flat surface, the design allows the light to focus inside the magnifier.
  • Magnifying glass with LED light  Ideal for reading small prints, newspaper, book, map, directory, dictionaries, etc.
  • Illuminated magnifier Also for hobbyists, coin and stamp collectors, instrument makers, jewellers, just lay on flat surface.
  • Led lighted folding magnifier  Distortion free lens
  • uses 2 AAA batteries (not included)
  • Durable, lightweight
  • Print custom logo, logo can be printed on handle
  • OEM/ODM , wholesale

Made in Taiwan