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Model number: LT28M

Printer Loupe Magnifier with metal frame-28mm

6x Magnification Foldable Linen Tester Loupe Metal Frame

6x magnification linen tester loupe metail frame

Royal and Metric Measurement Units

royal and metric measurements
Customer's logo design imprint
custom logo design imprint

Product Spec

Magnification:      6x Power
Dimension:          2" x 2.3" x 1.7"
                           or  52 mm H x 60 mm L x 48 mm W
Lens diameter:     28 mm
Material:              Metal Body with optical glass lens
Type:                   Biconvex

  • Powerful and suitable for the professional artist
  • Non-distortion, photographic quality glass lens
  • Portable and handy, fold when unused.
  • Hands-free, stand on its own when unfolded
  • Pouch Included : leather, vinyl, velvet
  • Clear engraved mark lines measuring a snap with both inch and metric scales
  • Perfect for Linen Testing, Hobbies e.g. Photography, Coins, Stamps, Artwork
  • Customers' logos can be imprinted on frame


linen tester in a pouch then in a paper box

Made in Taiwan 

Item number #LT-28M
MOQ 1000 pieces
Dimension 2" x 2.3" x 1.7" or 52 mm H x 60 mm L x 48 mm W
Colors black


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