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Model number: SLM-81


Card lighted Magnifier comes with a built-in battery operated LED light, which allows for use in low light ...  LED Lighted Magnifier
Select smaller, pocket-size magnifying options like wearable LED-lit magnifying glasses to complete small, tricky projects with ease. Durability and Functionality
Slim LED Card magnifier, lighted pocket magnifying glass


Magnification:       3X POWER
Lens Diameter:     1.6" x 1.6 or 42 x 40 mm
Length:                3.3" x 2.1" or 85 x 55 mm
Thickness:            5 mm
Material:              Fresnel Lens with plastic

  • Card lighted magnifier for reading small prints, newspaper, menu book, map, directory, dictionaries, etc.
  • pocket led magnifier is Fit in pocket, convenient for travel, shipped with vinyl leather pouch
  • Suitable as Premium Promotional giveaways.
  • Read in dim light, 2 LED light
  • Durable, lightweight
  • Print custom designs, logo can be printed on handle
  • OEM/ODM , wholesale

Made in Taiwan